Collard has been teaching watercolor classes at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels since 1998 and silk painting classes and workshops since 2002.  Her absolute conviction that watercolor, silk painting or any type of painting is a skill to be learned and not one that you are necessarily born with is at the root of her teaching.   She believes wholeheartedly that you get out of watercolor painting what you put into it and encourages everyone with an interest to give it a try.   Collard has taught hundreds of students how to paint.  Many of her students are now award winners themselves.  After teaching in a variety of educational art settings in the U.S. and Europe, she decided to open her own studio doors and created a big, bright, air-conditioned classroom furnished with work tables and daylight lighting for each student.  She just celebrated the fifth anniversary of teaching in her own studio.

Collard frequently teaches on cruise ships/ocean liners and enjoys  sharing her knowledge with fellow passengers.

Comments from some of her students:
"Got me over my "fear of Painting"        Bonnie

"I am amazed at what I have learned and have also
enjoyed the comaraderie amongst all of us."         Diane I.

"You were very kind and understanding and made it possible for me to understand a lot more in your class than in other watercolor classes I have attended.                                             Bea G.

"Very friendly classroom atmosphere"  Bruce M.

" I was very pleased to find this class. Over my years of taking continuing ed., this was the most rewarding of all."  Jeanette

"The classes are very interesting, stimulating and well organized.  The handouts were a big help."          Steve  T.    

" I feel I have obtained an excellent foundation in the art of watercolor painting."   Julia M.

"Your training provided me with a truly wonderful feeling of success, accomplishment and satisfaction.  Without doubt or hesitation, your training was among the best I have had ( and I've had many)!                                                                                                  Sergio H.

"I am very pleased with the course.  I really liked the step by step approach and the coverage of the REAL basics."     Mary,,B. 

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